On that dentist’ day
Skeletor didn't want
But his wife forced him

Much to her chagrin.
Spoiled had fallen
A tooth and a fang
Of his lower jaws
And higher.
How his mouth hurt
And the teeth ¡

He thought they were going to crucify him

Since his little black eyes
Moved in blood.

Only excited him and gave him life

See a “Mary”
Breastfeeding her child
And the boy didn't want it.
-How stupid this child is, he said to himself.
He doesn't know what he's missing!

When he heard
The dentist with tongs
Was approaching him
You can't imagine
What crying he did.
-Son of my heart
My garment
The dentist told him.
It's not that big of a deal
Since teeth and fangs
What I bring you are gold

From an aunt of yours and mine.
When I insert your teeth
And the fangs
You will see how the cuckoos
Tell you “live, live”
”Long live your wisdom tooth
That it is still alive.”
He, as he could
Told the dentist:

-I don't cry for the fangs and teeth
Not even for the pain you will cause me.

I cry for those who die
Night and day.
That Hell, where everyone goes

Is full

And Heaven, which does not exist

Is empty.

-Daniel de Culla


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